Service Contract Options

The most frustrating part of equipment failure is work disruption. Often, production delays can result in massive expenses. At Raeyco, we know the requirements your business needs in order to ensure smooth, long-term operations. As a result, you’ll maintain cost-efficiency and high productivity. Whether you are looking for regular preventative maintenance visits from our experts or around-the-clock support, technical assistance, and repairs, we have a service plan that will work for you. Ultimately, the primary goal is to keep your equipment running flawlessly as long as possible.

Calibration and Preventative Maintenance Plan

Preventive Maintenance helps instrument uptime, performance, and compliance to meet quality and regulatory standards. Through on-going scheduled maintenance, productivity is improved by reducing the need for “on-demand” service, therefore reducing instrument downtime.


  • Ensures equipment is fully operational and within factory specifications
  • Extends the operating life of the instrument
  • Identifies required repairs before they affect equipment performance

Shared Risk Plan

With this plan, you’ll experience 48 hour response time and proactive maintenance solutions to get your equipment up and running faster. This solution includes all labour for repairs, coverage for parts up to $500, and an annual preventive maintenance visit for peace of mind.


  • Fixed pricing leads to time and cost savings
  • Dedicated service schedule
  • Access to 24/7 remote troubleshooting

Total Plan

With this plan, you’ll experience 24 hour response time and proactive maintenance solutions to get your equipment up and running faster. This full support solution includes all labour and parts for repairs and an annual preventive maintenance visit for peace of mind.


  • Faster troubleshooting, diagnosis, and up to 50% remote resolution
  • Unlimited priority access to OEM-trained and certified service technicians
  • Increased efficiency and reduced equipment downtime

Guarantee/Terms and Conditions

Service Contract Terms

All Service contract terms do not apply to normal wear and tear or if any component of the equipment is opened or repaired by someone not authorized by Raeyco. We do not cover repair or replacement of any hardware damaged by misuse, moisture or liquids, proximity, or exposure to heat, accident, abuse, neglect, misapplication, or defects due to repairs or modifications made by anyone other than Raeyco or authorized service representatives from the manufacturer. Service contract terms do not cover physical damage to the surface of the equipment, including cracks or scratches on any surfaces. Service contract terms do not apply to any damage caused by peripheral equipment. Service contract terms do not apply if the malfunction results from the use of the equipment in this contract is used in conjunction with any other equipment not defined. Service contract terms exclude repairs that are required from the transportation of the equipment from one site to another unless Raeyco has been authorized to transport or oversee the transportation of the equipment.


Our estimates for repairs may be subject to change during the repair. The labour required is only an estimate. If we feel that the repair requires a secondary quote (for more or less from the original quoted price), we will inform you immediately. However small items (ie. parts or accessories for repair) required for the repair may be added to the final invoice.

Obsolete Equipment Repairs

In the event of parts that are deemed obsolete by the original manufacturer that are required for any repairs to the equipment, Raeyco will make every effort possible to find the replacement part new or used or repair the part that requires replacement at a component level. Raeyco shall ensure that the repair of the part does not compromise the safety, or the performance of the equipment and the repair returns the performance of the equipment to the original manufacturer’s specifications. Raeyco will not provide the customer parts that are not considered legal in Canada or parts that are banned from Canada such as banned gasses required for certain refrigerating cycle compressors. Costs incurred for parts will be invoiced even if the equipment is deemed unrepairable in the end.

Warranty on Services

All repair services performed by Raeyco are warrantied for 1 month. We are not responsible for damage caused by third party logistic companies.

Warranty on Parts/Products

Warranties on all parts or new equipment is determined by the manufacturer. All used equipment/parts will have a three month warranty unless specified.

Delivery Services

Raeyco will provide the appropriate personnel and equipment to move all products safely. Please ensure you have advised us of any stairs, constricted passageways or anything else that may impede the movement of equipment. Failure to do so may incur extra charges.


Required electrical, plumbing, and gas connections must be installed prior to Raeyco’s on-site installation service. HVAC systems must be set up correctly. It is advisable to have your building maintenance or HVAC company available during the installation for units that are connected to the HVAC system. Extra charges will apply if inadequate facilities are discovered during the installation and/or a return visit is required.

Refund Policy

Equipment/parts are non-refundable from quote approval or when parts are ordered from suppliers, except when the item purchased is received damaged or defective.