Streamline management of all laboratory and medical equipment, parts, training manuals, contracts, depreciation, service history, calibration and validation reports. Labforce is the ideal solution to consolidate all your information. Cost effective and user friendly, our proprietary system will revolutionize how you manage your lab and medical equipment.


Labforce can maintain a list of parts used for repair services and preventative maintenance, as well as a list of preferred vendors for ease of future ordering. Store manuals, operating procedures, and track staff training. Improve efficiency and organization.

Asset Management

Labforce can manage the complete lifecycle of your assets. Using Barcode scanning and RFID technologies, Labforce can track make, model and location to ensure nothing becomes lost or stolen. You can also manage depreciation to accurately track the value of your assets. Adding or removing inventory is easy! Call us and ask for a complimentary demonstration.

On-Line Report Access

Never lose another report! Keep track of all your service reports, including calibration, maintenance, and validation records, with on-line access provided through Labforce. Available 24/7 and accessible from anywhere with internet access. Request your login today.