Raeyco Lab Equipment Systems Management Ltd.

Leaders in service, repair and maintenance for all laboratory equipment.

Power to Innovate

The Power to Innovate Ultralow Freezer (-86o) is energy efficient, includes a web based controller with touch screen display, real-time data logging, and is ideal for vaccine storage.

Why Raeyco?

At Raeyco, we combine the expert services of our highly skilled technicians with the superior customer service from our support team, to provide you with peace of mind for the lifecycle of your laboratory equipment. As leaders in healthcare compliance and equipment management services, we support multiple vendors across a variety of industries.

We provide full Analytical Instrument Qualification and Systems Validation that is compliant with the FDA, Health Canada and European regulatory agencies.

Our proprietary Raeyco Labforce System enables us to inventory, manage and maintain all of our customers’ laboratory equipment on a secure, dedicated and validated database. 

Our Services

Raeyco provides a wide range of services for all types of laboratory equipment.


Basic, Gold and ISO 17025 accredited Calibrations.


Servicing general lab equipment including Balances, Ultralow Freezers, Centrifuges, Cryostats and Autoclaves.


Servicing analytical equipment including HPLCs, GCs, FACs, spectrometers and plate readers.


Servicing medical equipment including Blood Pressure Meters, Oxygen Concentrators and Hematology Analyzers.

Biological Safety Cabinets

We employ NSF certified technicians to do the job right.


Purchase or lease new and used equipment.


Online management with state of the art software, Labforce.

Service Agents

Qualified technicians available across Canada.

Our Products

Looking for new equipment for your lab or information on leasing? Learn more about our key products.

General Equipment

Essential items including water systems, incubators, ovens, autoclaves, freezers.

Specialized Equipment

Industry specific items such as HPLCs, ICPs, bioreactors, clinical analyzers, UV/Vis spectrophotometers.


Reagents, cleaning agents and water system consumables.

We are Proud Service Agents for

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