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Please note that any inaccuracies in the way this form is filled out may cause delays in the calibration cycle.

We cannot be held responsible for any damages that may occur during the shipping but we will always ensure your equipment is packaged well when it leaves our location. If you do see any damages upon receiving your equipment back from us, please notify us immediately.

For any ways we can improve our services or this form, please let us know.

[NOTE] ISO Calibration Statements of Pass or Fail Conformance: Uncertainty of measurement will be taken into account when determining compliance with specification, as per ILAC-G8:03/2009. The status of compliance with the acceptance criteria will be reported as: – PASS: Compliance with specification – FAIL: Not compliance with specification – FAIL2 : The measured value is not within the acceptance limits, however, a portion of the expanded uncertainty of measurement at 95% is within the specified tolerance. – PASS2 : The measured value is within acceptance limits. However, a portion of the expanded uncertainty of measurement at 95% exceeds the specified tolerance.