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Lab and Medical Equipment Repairs & Maintenance

Raeyco provides lab and medical equipment repair and preventative maintenance to all makes and models of laboratory equipment.

No job is too big or too small; from the smallest circuit board or pipette to laboratory freezers, fridges and ultralow freezers as well as Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry instruments. We repair all equipment – multi-vendor support from A to Z – and this includes companies from Agilent all the way to Zeiss. We have many, many years of experience with many types of equipment.

Below are some examples of the Preventative Maintenance programs we rely on so that you can rely on your equipment:


We clean and then calibrate and/or verify balance accuracy using 5 standards – normally up to 2%, unless you are subject to a regulated environment and require customized accuracy to meet your regulator’s requirements.


Centrifuge We calibrate and verify centrifuge rotational accuracy using 3 standards – normally up to 5%, temperature accuracy using one standard normally up to 3C, the rotor is cleaned and inspected, o-rings and gaskets cleaned and lubricated, compressor checked and inspected.

Fridges/Freezers/Ultralow Freezers

We calibrate and verify the chamber temperature using one or two standards, Units may be defrosted where and when needed, compressor are checked, inspection for refrigeration leaks, gaskets are inspected, low and high stage evaporators inspected, drains cleaned and unplugged, condenser fans inspected, alarm batteries tested and replaced when faulty.