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Pipette Repairs

Pipettes are one of the most commonly used instruments used in the scientific and medical fields. These instruments work by aspirating a volume of liquid from one source, and releasing the specific amount to another container. Pipettes were designed to transfer precise amounts of liquid between one or more containers. They come in various types and designs with different levels of accuracy. Sometimes, your instrument may need to undergo a pipette repair to deliver the most accurate measurements.

In order to achieve the most precise results with your work, a high degree of accuracy is required. Don’t let your work suffer because of a faulty pipette!

A small difference can make a big difference.

COMPLIANCE:  Pipette calibrations performed in an environmentally controlled lab with state of the art equipment and software.

CONVENIENCE:  Pipettes picked up and dropped off right to your lab on a timely basis.

Signs you need pipette repair:

  1. It feels sticky
  2. It does not aspirate or dispense evenly
  3. It does not aspirate at all
  4. It does not power on or loses battery power quickly
  5. Your results just do not seem right

If your pipette qualifies for one or more of these symptoms, it’s time to call in the experts! Here at Raeyco, we provide pipette repair services for your medical and laboratory pipette needs.

Types of pipettes we service:

  • Micropipettes
    Usually used for volumes between 1microliter and 1 milliliter.
  • Volumetric Pipettes (also called transfer pipettes)
    This is the most accurate type. Used to deliver a single specific volume of liquid. It usually has the capacity between 1-100ml.
  • Measuring Pipettes
    Glass or plastic tubes calibrated into small divisions so that multiple amounts of liquid can be measured with the same pipette. They usually measure a volume between 0.1ml and 25ml.
    • Mohr Pipettes
      Repair marks end before the tip
    • Serological Pipettes
      Repair marks continue to the tip
      • Blow Out Pipettes
        Serological pipettes that has a frosted band or two thin rings around the neck
      • Air Displacement Pipettes
        Digital pipettes designed for general use in laboratory applications.
      • Positive Displacement Pipettes
        Similar to air displacement pipettes, typically used to avoid liquid contamination. Also used when you require a high degree of accuracy.

Some of the major brands we service are:

  • Gilson
  • Eppendorf
  • Rainin
  • Biohit
  • Capp
  • Thermo
  • Rainin
  • And More…

Pipette Repair Service Plan Levels

Raeyco offers 2 levels of pipette repair depending on your requirements and budget:

A Basic Pipette Repair will provide you with assurance that your pipette meets our strict standards. A repair certificate is provided but contains no data. O-rings and seals are inspected and only replaced when required.

A Gold Pipette Repair is as above but the repair certificate will provide you with as left results. As found data can be requested however with an additional cost. O-rings and Seals are always replaced during this service.

Let us help you now. Call us at 604-444-0004 and we’ll troubleshoot it right over the phone if your problem is simple – no charge. If it’s not that simple, then send us your pipette and we will repair it in our repair lab and send it back to you.

If you would like to send us your Pipettes f, please print the following form and carefully follow the instructions on the form or contact us to obtain pricing;

Raeyco Pipette Service Request Form

If you’re worried about equipment downtime, we have several Service Contracts to choose from.