Yumizen C1200 AL

The Yumizen C1200 AL

Product Description:

The Yumizen C1200 AL is the next generation chemistry system designed to provide optimal workflow capabilities for low to medium volume laboratories (up to 2.0M tests annually). 

With the smallest footprint in its class of analyzers, the Yumizen C1200 analyzer is 48” W x 33” D x 43” H and has five main sections; the sample carousel, ISE module, reagent carousel, reaction carousel and bulk solutions storage.

With a throughput of 1200 tests/hour, dedicated port for STAT patient samples and a menu including over 70 chemistry tests such as Glucose for diabetes testing, Cholesterol, Triglycerides and Electrolytes for cardiac risk assessment, the Yumizen C1200 system guarantees the enhanced flexibility and performance laboratories require for everyday use. The analyzer is equipped with a large capacity reaction carousel, two mixing probes and two reagent probes, which lend to the high throughput of the system. Refrigerated control and reagent carousels ensure reagents remain stable onboard until expiration, and the use of durable ceramic pumps ensures minimum downtime of the analyzer. 

With a compact footprint and user-friendly design, as well as high speed and micro-volume technology for improved performance, the Yumizen C1200 is optimized for accuracy, efficiency, and cost savings. 


Analyzer Size 122 W x 85 D x 110.8 H cm / 48” W x 33” D x 43” H
Analyzer Weight 450 kg / 992 lbs
Ambient Temperature 18° – 30° C
Humidity 40to 70% with no condensation
Power Source 2.6 kVA, 110 V or 220 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Water Consumption 20 L/hour
Water Specifications Conductivity < 1 μs/cm
Autoloader 77 x 118 x 101 cm | 46.5′′ W x 30.3′′ D x 39.8′′ H
Autoloader Weight 98 kg / 216 lbs