TL6 Nano Volume UV-Vis

The latest nano volume Spectrophotometer TL6 is a compact instrument for fast analysis of nucleic acid and protein concentrations by pipette sample droplet (0.5μL ~ 2μL) by built-in methods including UV absorption method, Bradford dye binding assay and the colour method (Lowry, BCA and Biuret).

In addition, the continuous wavelength scanning design and cuvettes holder allows the users to customize their own detection methods and save in the instrument.

The TL6 is equipped with a large colour touch screen, which can help the users to set the instrument and carry on all the detection process directly without an additional computer.

Key features:

◆ Patented Nano volume sample detection technology

◆ Integrated with cuvettes holder, dual measurement model

◆ Increase the testing speed by long life time Xenon lamp and dual-channel CCD 

◆ Large colour touch screen, 2GB memory, small footprint