Water Storage Tanks

The main concern when storing purified water is degradation of water quality over time. Our polyethylene (PE) reservoirs are designed to provide effective protection against airborne contaminants. Stored Type 2 and 3 water is used in various lab applications including glassware rinsing, microbiological media preparation, buffer preparation, equipment feed, manufacturing chemical and biochemical reagents, and pharmaceutical use of purified water.

  • Polyethylene material selected for its minimum release of extractables
  • Smooth inner surface prevents biofilm formation
  • Cylindrical shape minimizes surface area in contact with water
  • Hermetically sealed lid blocks air from entering the tank
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Direct display of stored water level on water purification system units
  • Vent filter for removal of volatile organics, bacteria and CO2
  • Sensor rod float switch system for automatic storage tank refill and indication of water level (% full)
  • Overflow connected to the drain, in the unlikely event of a water system malfunction
  • Water sensor

Storage tanks are available in 30, 60 and 100 litre models to match the specific volume needs of your laboratory. All tanks have a small footprint and are designed for wall-mounting if required. Under bench installation is also possible for some models.