Steam Sterilizer 6618-2

Arctic BMT Sterivap Steam Sterilizer 6618-2

Sterivap Laboratory Steam Sterilizers are designed for applications in laboratories for sterilization of materials such as instruments, textiles, rubber goods, liquids agars, animal diet, cages etc. Reliability and serviceability are engineered into every unit. Standardized options allow for solutions that are unsurpassed in quality and reliability without sacrificing value.

The sterilizers can be equipped with one or two doors. The doors are constructed of 316L stainless steel and slide vertically or horizontally depending on the chamber size. The sliding doors are electric motor driven and opened and closed by push button on the operator panel. The doors are equipped with a leading edge which allows for the automatic reversal of the door should an obstacle be in the doorway. Double door units for pass-through operation are interlocked so that only one door can be opened at one time. The doors are locked whenever pressure is present and cannot be opened until the chamber reaches atmospheric pressure.

Standard Features:

  • Double microprocessor controls and double instrumentation for maximum load safety
  • Color touch screen operator Interface
  • 316L Stainless steel chamber & 316Ti jacket with 15 year non-prorated warranty
  • 316L Stainless steel piping for corrosion free operation
  • 304 Stainless steel frame—No rusting in your laboratory
  • Hinged fascia panels with key lock for ease in maintenance access
  • Automatic motor driven doors with dual built-in safety features
  • Mechanical vacuum pump for consistent vacuum performance
  • Water recirculation for vacuum pump–reduces water consumption up to 75%

Control System Features:

  • Double microprocessor control system
  • 8.2” Color touch screen operator interface
  • 20 Programmable cycles with a wide range of parameters
  • 4.5” Wide printer with digital and graphic printout
  • RS232 Port for connection to PC or network
  • Chip card system for storage of individual cycles
  • Automatic start-up and shut-down of utilities
  • Automatic diagnostic system displayed on OIT and printed on report print out
  • Alarms are announced audibly and indicated in clear text
  • Dual temperature sensors provides precise control,evaluation and regulation of temperature inside the chamber
  • Dual absolute pressure sensors are equipped for precise control of pressure and vacuum inside the chamber and pressure inside the jacket
  • 21 CFR, Part 11 compliant password protection built-in
  • PC software for electronic cycle data storage

Our package can include some or all of the following.


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Design Qualification Ensuring you know your requirements before making the purchase
Product Selection Ensuring we get you the right product at the best price
Installation and Debris Removal Ensuring the installation is complete to our standards and we recycle all packaging material
Calibration / Preventative Maintenance Ensuring the equipment is maintained and/or calibrated as per ISO17025 standards or equivalent (certificate provided after installation)
Installation Qualification Ensuring compliance is met during the installation
Operational Qualification Ensuring the equipment meets all acceptance critera when challenged against the manufacture’s specifications or the Design Qualification
Customized Performance Qualification Ensuring the equipment meets all acceptance criteria when challenged agaist your requirements
Extended Warranty with Preventative Maintenance Ensuring you are always covered no matter what and when equipment failures may occur
Scheduled Qualification Package Ensuring your equipment is continuously monitored and in compliance throughout the life cycle of the equipment
Qualification after Repair (if applicable) Ensuring the equipment stays in compliance after equipment maintenance or failures occur
Internal Dimensions
Width 25.60 in
Height 27.60 in
Depth 76.40 in
External Dimensions
Width 51.20 in
Height 75.50 in
Depth 88.20 in
Chamber Volume 31.25 ft3 / 885 L
Door Slide 2 vertical doors
Weight 3086 lbs / 1400 kg
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Accessory Part Number
<10 Ra Mirror finish chamber
Stainless steel paneling
Stainless steel piping & valves with threaded or tri-clamp fittings
Air compressor when facility air is not available
Air detector to meet EN285 requirements
Effluent sterilization cycle and BSL 3 bio containment seal for bio hazardous waste
12” ergonomic touch screen operator interface