Compact Bioreactors

Solida BIO-BOOK Compact Bioreactors


BIO-BOOK Compact Bioreactors is a line of latest generation bioreactors that can be used for educational applications, but also for advanced bioprocessing and development. Applications include cell culture, stem cells, fermentation of bacteria, fungus, yeasts, photo-sensitive organisms such as plants, algae and more.


Powerful PLC Controller, Advanced SCADA Software, 4 built-in controlled speed peristals pumps, automated Gas mixing for microbial fermentation and cell cultivation, Digital and Analog interface for many sensors pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Level, Foam, Mass Balance and online analyzers such as Biomass, Gas Analyser, Glucose Analyser and more.

One Biocontroller for Glass and Single use vessels starting at 100mL w/v to 50L capacity.

Parallel controller and Software capabilites up to 12 bioreactors systems to accelerate the development of your bioprocesses.