Simplicity Water Purification System

Fresh Type 1 water on demand.

The Simplicity® ultrapure water system can be located anywhere in your laboratory. It requires no special installation, no feed water connection and produces water at 18.2 MΩ•cm resistivity (25 °C) at 0.5 L/min.

The removable 2-liter integrated reservoir simply needs to be refilled with pretreated water for Simplicity® to produce fresh ultrapure water. You can now do away with cumbersome carboys and their uncertain water quality. The system is compact and “nomadic”, requiring no plumbing so that you can easily move it to another spot and get ultrapure water wherever you need it. Its intuitive color graphic display allows you to instantly see important parameters, whether you want to check the water quality, reservoir level, or when to replace the pack. Easily insert your pack in one movement with the patented locking mechanism.

For applications sensitive to organic contaminants, a UV version of the Simplicity® system is also available. It incorporates a dual wavelength UV lamp for photooxidation of organic compounds. A final purification step at the point-of-dispense removes specific contaminants critical for your experiments. A range of purification cartridges and Application-Paks is available for you to select according to your requirements.