Vi-Cell Replacement Syringe

Replacement Syringe for Beckman Coulter Vi-Cell

Exact replacement for Beckman Coulter part number 383009 and includes the teflon washer. It is compatible with all Vi-Cell AS, XR systems.


This 6cm syringe is designed and manufactured under stringent manufacturing and quality standards. These syringes are typically replaced with every Beckman Coulter Preventative Maintenance visit.

Part Number
2400105 Beckman Coulter part number 383009
Length 4.37”
End Cap ¼-28 Plunger Button: XL style
Optimal Internal Pressure 80 PSI
Material Borosilicate Glass, Kel-F (CTFE), Teflon (PTFE)
Lubrication Medical grade lubricant GE SF96