Pentra C400

Pentra C400 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer


    General Description:

    • Analysis Method Types:
      • Spectrophotometry: Colorimetry and Turbidimetry
      • Potentiometry: Direct (Serum or Plasma) and Indirect (Urine)
    • Up to 55 assays on board
    • Optional ISE Module (Na+, K+, Cl-)
    • Maximum Throughput: 420 test/h
    • CE Marked

    Sample Handling:

    • Sample Capacity: 6 racks with 10 sample positions for primary tubes or cups
    • Continuous loading
    • Positive Sample Identification: Integrated Barcode Reader and Tube Presence Detector
    • Sample Integrity:Level, Shock and Clot Detection
    • Sample Collection Format: 0.7, 4, 5, 7 and 10 mL (diameter: 16mm)
    • Sample Specimen: Serum, Plasma, Urine, CSF, Whole Blood, Homogeneous Fluids
    • Sample Volume: 2 to 380 µL
    • Automatic Sample Dilution: from 1/2 to 1/22,500
    • ISE: 20 µL (Indirect) or 60 µL (Direct)
    • Automatic Post Concentration: from x2.0 to x 10.0
    • Automatic Re-run

    Calibrator/Control Handling:

    • Calibrator/Controls Positioning on Sample or Reagent Tray
    • Automatic Standard Dilution Series:
      • Dilution Factors: Main Direct 1/2 – 1/150
      • Dilution Factors: Main Indirect 1/2 – 1/1508

    Reagent Handling:

    • 52 Reagent positions on board:
      • 44 in a closed refrigerated area (2-10°C)
      • 8 at room temperature
    • Positive Reagent Identification:Integrated Barcode Reader
    • Reagent Probe : Level Detection and Preheating
    • Reagent Management with Cassettes: Automated Reagent On-board Stability Check plus Test Countdown with automatic back-up
    • Reagent Volume: from 2 to 600 µL

    Reaction System:

    • Reaction Volume: 150 to 600 µL
    • Reaction Temperature: Air bath at 37°C
    • Photometer Reaction Cycle:12 seconds
    • Mixing with Teflon-coated Stirrer
    • Reaction Time:  1 to 100 cycles
    • Disposable Acrylic Cuvettes
    • Automatic Cuvette Changer
    • Cuvette Capacity:  36 segments (432 cuvettes)
    • 7 Integrated Calculation Algorithms

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    Product Selection Ensuring we get you the right product at the best price
    Installation and Debris Removal Ensuring the installation is complete to our standards and we recycle all packaging material
    Calibration / Preventative Maintenance Ensuring the equipment is maintained and/or calibrated as per ISO17025 standards or equivalent (certificate provided after installation)
    Extended Warranty with Preventative Maintenance Ensuring you are always covered no matter what and when equipment failures may occur


    System Size 40” x 28” x 25” (W x L x H)
    System Weight 264 lbs
    External Cooling Unit Size 12” x 17” x 16” (W x L x H)
    External Cooling Unit Weight 77 lbs
    Sound level < 60 dBa
    Operating temperature from 15 to 32°C
    Operating Humidity from 20% to 85%
    Total Power Requirements (with Printer) 1000 VA
    Water De-ionized/Distilled Water – 10L Tank
    Water specifications Resistivity > 5 MegOhms
    Conductivity < 0.2 µS/cm


    Computer & Software

    Operating system Windows XP
    Data processing 12 inch Color LCD Touch Screen
    Database Capacity: 100,000 results
    Processor: 600 MHz
    RC 232C: Patient results, QC to LIS with ASTM protocol
    Integrated Validation Station
    Quality Control Management Levey Jennings, Automatic QC, Default controls and Westgard rules
    Logs Reagents, Quality Control, Calibrations

    Applications, Maintenance, Sequencing, Flags and Alarms

    Export of archived data and Quality Control data (QCP) USB key
    Audible alarms
    Interactive Help HTML Format


    Optical System

    Tungsten-halogen Lamp
    Measurement Principle Bi-chromatic light absorbance
    Choice of 15 wavelengths from 340 to 700 nm
    Wavelength selection with holographic grating technology
    Sensor Photo diode array
    Optical Linearity 2.5 A. at 340mm; 3.0 at other wavelengths



    Reagents and Controls

    Clinical Regents and Controls Click Here