Jumbo DENT

Bacteria and viruses come in different sizes. Bacteria for instance do have a diameter of up to 1 micrometer. Viruses however range from 20 to 300 nm in size. They are mostly bound to aerosols in the air we breathe.

Viruses are not airborne individually, but stuck on droplets forming aerosols. Those aerosols escape the oral cavity during dental procedures.

Each and every U15 filter applied to ULT DENT units is being tested individually according to DIN EN 1822 with an aerosol of 0.1 to 0.3 microns. This size spectrum represents the Most Penetrating Particle Size (MPPS), particles too small to be separted by impact and too big to be captured by diffusion. The size of a CORONA virus is exactly within this spectrum. The higher the efficiency of the filter in this particular range, the safer for dental personnel and patients. That is the reason why ULT is going above and beyond HEPA, applying U15 filters to the DENT series. ULT U15 filter do have an filter efficiency of greater 99.9995% at 0.1 to 0.3 microns, making them the best filter available on the market.

The especially designed aerosol pre-filter retains moisture and coarse particles, extending the lifetime of the downstream U15 filter significantly. The unique structure of the pre-filter media allows for a perfectly balanced airflow, even with progressing blockage.

BaseVac Aerosal Evacuator Jumbo DENT

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