Epolon Coated Gravity Convection Oven 055

Arctic BMT Durocell Epolon Coated Natural Gravity Convection Oven


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DUROCELL’s chambers are coated with EPOLON. Epolon protects the internal chamber from aggressive and corrosive substances like acids or alkaline liquids.
This Durocell ensures optimum temperature uniformity. It is ideal for acid, industrial oils and lubricants, animal waste and basic hydrolysis, extraction of non-flammable materials, soils and decomposition of solid substances.

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Design Qualification Ensuring you know your requirements before making the purchase
Product Selection Ensuring we get you the right product at the best price
Installation and Debris Removal Ensuring the installation is complete to our standards and we recycle all packaging material
Calibration / Preventative Maintenance Ensuring the equipment is maintained and/or calibrated as per ISO17025 standards or equivalent (certificate provided after installation)
Installation Qualification Ensuring compliance is met during the installation
Operational Qualification Ensuring the equipment meets all acceptance critera when challenged against the manufacture’s specifications or the Design Qualification
Customized Performance Qualification Ensuring the equipment meets all acceptance criteria when challenged agaist your requirements
Extended Warranty with Preventative Maintenance Ensuring you are always covered no matter what and when equipment failures may occur
Scheduled Qualification Package Ensuring your equipment is continuously monitored and in compliance throughout the life cycle of the equipment
Qualification after Repair (if applicable) Ensuring the equipment stays in compliance after equipment maintenance or failures occur
Interior Dimensions
Volume 55 Liters / 1.94 ft3
Width 15.75 in
Depth 15.35 in
Height 13.78 in
Exterior Dimensions (including door and handle)
Width 24.41 in
Depth 25.20  in
Height 26.77 in
Shipping Dimensions
Width 27.95 in
Depth 28.35 in
Height (including pallet) 35.43 in
Weight Net: 55kg 121.25 lbs

Gross: 61kg 134.5lbs

Shelves Max: 4 (2 included)
Doors 1
Maximum weight of load (*) Per tray: 44 lbs

Max. inside oven: 110 lbs

Electrical nominal voltage: 115V

current: 10.4A

Working temperature 5°C over ambient
temperature to 125°C
Temp. Uniformity ±0.3°C
Time required to reach 250°
C with closed air flap and
230V power
41 mins
Air Exchange speed at 150°C 8 hours

*Approx. 50% of the tray area can be filled in a way a uniform air circulation is enabled inside the chamber.
Note: All technical data are related to 22° C ambient temperature and +/- 10% voltage swing (if not specified). Changes in design and make are reserved.

Accessory Part Number
Standard Controller Options
• access port 50mm
• key door lock
• left door versions (excluding 22 & 707)
• flexible PT 100 sensor
• stainless steel exterior
• WarmComm 4.0B Software
• door window and interior light
• Ethernet communication
Comfort Controller Options
• automatic and key door lock
• access port 50mm
• left door versions (excluding 22 and 707)
• WarmComm 4.0P and 4.0F software
• flexible PT 100 sensor
• stainless steel exterior
• door window and interior light
• BMS – Contacts for building monitoring
• Ethernet communication