D-Series D2.0-220 (7-8 Users)

Engineers have designed our compressors for years of reliable service with performance you can trust. A heavy duty block, durable cast cylinders, forged steel connecting rods, and precision machined aluminum pistons means you’ll get the longevity you deserve from a compressor. And with a 100% oil free design and patented Perma Dry self purging desiccant dryer you’ll get the high-quality air you need.


BaseVac Oil Free Dental Compressors D-Series D2.0-220


Package Includes:

• 2 x 2.0 hp Compressor Heads
• 2 x Perma Dry Desiccant Dryers
• Dual Air Coolers
• Tank
• Pressure Filter Regulator
• Auto Condensate Drain
• 6’ length of 3/8” Flex Line hose

Our package can include some or all of the following.


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hp / KW  2 x 2 / 3.3
CFM  14 @ 80 PSI
Operating PSI  70 – 100 PSI
Tank  20 Gal.
Voltage/Amp  220V / 1 / 60Hz / 18A
dB  76
Dimensions  L 35” x W 24” x H 35”
Weight 242 lbs
Site Requirements
Voltage Min/Max 208 / 240V | 1 | 60Hz
Full Load Amps
Breaker Rating
40 Amps Max
Wire Size 8
Watts / Hour 1485
BTU / Hour
10 000
Install Footprint
L 47” x W 36” x H 41”
Shipping Weight  297 lbs

• Clean air intake manifold combines both compressor heads to a common 3/4” female copper fitting. For clean air intake from fresh air source use 1.5” – 2” PVC or ABS schedule 40 or better. Hospital and government clinics may require copper / stainless steel pipe (see NFPA or CSA requirements).
• Room must be provided with active ventilation.
• It’s recommended to allow 18” around and above the compressor for easy access service.
• Room temperature should range 50 °F – 104 °F ( 10 °C – 40 °C).

Accessory Part Number
Buck Boost 2900602
Remote Start Transformer 111531
External Air Inlet 2880132