Custom Steam Sterilizer

Arctic BMT USA Sterilab Custom Steam Sterilizers 

Sterilab Laboratory Steam Sterilizers are designed not only to meet Good Laboratory Practices, but to exceed industry standards.
Reliability and serviceability are engineered into every unit. Utilizing the latest 3D parametric and MRP software along with BMT ’s lean manufacturing principles allows for state-of-the-art solutions, which are unsurpassed in quality and reliability yet without sacrificing value.



  • Solid 316L stainless steel chambers
  • Complete envelope 316L stainless steel jacket
  • Vacuum pump for repeatable cycles
  • Water recirculation system to conserve resources
  • Insulated chamber and piping reduces utility consumption
  • Chamber doors secured on four sides
  • Solid 316L stainless steel door—no welding
  • Lubricant-free door gaskets
  • Non-proprietary components—readily available locally
  • GMP Ready design—allows upgrading on site

Standard Options:

  • 316L stainless steel piping
  • BSL 3 rated bioseals
  • Effluent sterilization cycles
  • Solution cycle with air-overpressure cooling
  • Electric or steam-to-steam generators
  • Chart recorders
  • Ink jet or laser printers
  • Floor or pit mounted
  • Loading accessories
  • Single or double door design

Upgradeable CGMP Features:

  • Sanitary piping , fittings and components
  • 0.2 micron filter in stainless steel housing
  • Secondary temperature verification
  • Chamber condensate monitoring
  • Temperature control within 0.5 C
  • Automatic filter sterilization

Our package can include some or all of the following.


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Design Qualification Ensuring you know your requirements before making the purchase
Product Selection Ensuring we get you the right product at the best price
Installation and Debris Removal Ensuring the installation is complete to our standards and we recycle all packaging material
Calibration / Preventative Maintenance Ensuring the equipment is maintained and/or calibrated as per ISO17025 standards or equivalent (certificate provided after installation)
Installation Qualification Ensuring compliance is met during the installation
Operational Qualification Ensuring the equipment meets all acceptance critera when challenged against the manufacture’s specifications or the Design Qualification
Customized Performance Qualification Ensuring the equipment meets all acceptance criteria when challenged agaist your requirements
Extended Warranty with Preventative Maintenance Ensuring you are always covered no matter what and when equipment failures may occur
Scheduled Qualification Package Ensuring your equipment is continuously monitored and in compliance throughout the life cycle of the equipment
Qualification after Repair (if applicable) Ensuring the equipment stays in compliance after equipment maintenance or failures occur

Customizable options include:

  • Chamber Volume
  • Overall Dimensions
  • Door Slide Direction (dependent on chamber size)
  • One or two door (two doors for pass-through operation)
  • Floor or Pit mounting