3HD 4.40P (12users)

Key Features
• This product is 100% dry. That means no oil or water is used in operation at all.
• Our dependable rotary vane technology makes for a dry vac that you can count on to last. It’s a technology that is simple to service. This keeps it running longer than any other vacuum on the market.
• Like all BaseVac suction systems, the 3HD series comes with industry leading power.

BaseVac 3HD Series Vacuum Pumps 3HD 4.40P
Designed for 10 – 18 User Clinics



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Installation and Debris Removal Ensuring the installation is complete to our standards and we recycle all packaging material
Preventative Maintenance Ensuring the equipment is serviced on a regular scheduled maintenace plan
Extended Warranty with Preventative Maintenance Ensuring you are always covered no matter what and when equipment failures may occur
Model 3HD 4.40P
Users 3 x 4
Operatories 10 – 18
hp 3 x 2
Amps 3 x 9.5
Voltage 220V, 1 Phase
dB 74
Dimensions 26″ x 18″ x 72″
Lbs 3 x 121


Part Number

Air/Water Separator


Remote Switches

Exhaust Silencer

Charcoal Exhaust Filter

Replacement Vane Kit
Tank Elevation Stand

Service Kit

Line Cleaner (NeutraClean)


Line Cleaner (Atomizer)