RephiBio Filter

RephiBio Filter


RephiBio is a disposable final filter for ultrapure water in biological applications to effectively remove endotoxin, RNases, DNases and bacteria from water.
RephiBio filter is suitable for use with cell culture, molecular biology or other biochemistry applications that require biologically active impurities free ultra-pure water.
Every filter is integrity tested. Each product package comes with a quality certificate stating its performance specifications and operating conditions.


Purification Technologies: 

  • A positively charged nylon membrane

Product Water Specifications
(when used in a clean environment)

Pyrogen <0.001 EU/mL
RNases < 0.5 pg/mL (non-detectable level)
RNases < 10 pg/mL (non-detectable level)
Bacteria < 0.01 cfu/mL
Material of shell polypropylene
Material of membrane PES
Micropore size 0.2μm
Effective filtering area 260cm²
Maximum operating temperature 80℃
Maximum Operation Pressure 4 bar at 30℃
Max Flow rate 2L/min
Interface ¼ NTP