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Cleaning Agents

Keep your operation fully clean and sterilized with the help of our superior cleaning agents. We offer a wide variety of cleaning solutions for your lab and medical equipment to provide you with exceptional results that you can trust.

Calwash liquid or powder is designed for use in industrial washers / sanitizers. Effective on laboratory glassware, steel, stainless steel, plastic, gold and chrome plated surfaces, excellent for removing organic and inorganic soils. Not recommended for hand washing.

Effective Calwash PowderCaltech’s Calwash Powder
contains water softeners, wetting agents, protein and grease emulsifiers, all in the right combination to produce exceptional results. When used as directed, free rinsing agents allow for residue-free surfaces. Designed for use under all water conditions. Safe on aluminum ware.

Calwash Liquid
Caltech’s Calwash Liquid contains alkaline cleaners and emulsifiers to assure hygienically clean, film-free glass and laboratory wares. Also removes iron oxide. For best results use with a liquid dispensing system.

Environmentally friendly.

Calwash Liquid
Solvent free, phosphate free, low foaming properties, 100% soluble in water, alkaline.

Calwash Powder
Free rinsing in use dilutions, low foaming properties, 100% soluble in water, alkaline.

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Applications: Calclean 14 is specially formulated for use in all ultrasonic cleaners, endoscope cleaners and industrial washers/sanitizers. Effective on laboratory glassware, steel, stainless steel.

Quick and Effective
Degreases and loosens heavy organic and inorganic soil deposits. Removes all dirt and fill, blood, tissue, ointments, oxidization etc., leaving all surfaces residue-free and clean.

Environmentally friendly.

A small amount of this concentrated liquid produces spectacular results.

Physical Properties
Non-foaming liquid, 100% soluble in water.

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Applications: For use in all ultrasonic cleaning systems and industrial washers / sanitizers.

Provides dual action.
Perfect for cleaning and brightening surgical instruments and other metal ware. Also safe on steel, stainless steel, plastic, gold and chrome plated surfaces.

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Bactericide – Fungicide – Algicide
Prevents the growth of various algae and fungi in laboratory incubators, biological storage freezers, washer, refrigerators, baths, circulators, etc. Effective against Staphylococcus aureus and salmonella choleraesuils at a use dilution of 400 ppm (4ml per litre of water) and against Pseudomonas aeruginosa at use dilution of 800ppm (8ml per litre of water).

Disinfectant – Deodorizer – Sanitizer
As a general disinfectant and sanitizer, Ostrosan destroys odours that cause mildew and bacteria and sanitizes equipment, lab glassware, glass, floors, walls, etc.

When used as directed, this non-acidic disinfectant is safe on aluminum, anodized aluminum, chromium oxide, steel, stainless steel, plastic, gold, chrome plated surfaces, equipment parts (brass and copper fittings), etc.

Environmentally friendly.
10% Quaternary Ammonium.

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This specially formulated blend of acids and non-foaming detergents effectively removes scale from laboratory and glassware washers, sterilizers and boilers.

Saves Time
Remaining scale becomes soft after soaking and can be easily brushed off.

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Caltech’s acetic acid rinse is a neutralizer for medical decontamination machines. Use recommended for the first rinsing after alkaline cleaning process. Suitable for all kinds of surgical instruments, anaesthetic utensils, and laboratory glassware.

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