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Recirculating Chillers

From off the shelf products to fully bespoke systems, we offer the best cooling solutions to your temperature regulation issues.

Our range of recirculating chillers are quiet, discreet and suitable for use in laboratories or manufacturing. Providing precision cooling from 480w to 14kW for accurate temperature control, our chillers become a small but reliable part of any process.

  • The Mini is our smallest and most energy efficient chiller, combining a sophisticated touchscreen controller and variable speed compressor with a universal power supply. We also offer Passive Cooling. Click here for more info...


    • Effective cooling performance, up to 500W
    • With a small footprint (similar to a desktop PC), and variable speed fan and compressor, the Mini is ideal for the laboratory, where noise and space are concerns
    • Combines excellent cooling performance with a 24VDC internal circuit so it is both incredibly energy efficient, and suitable for any power supply (90-240V, 50/60Hz).

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  • An ultra compact range of recirculating chillers offering cooling capacities of 480W and 1000W, originally designed for use with turbo pumps. Offering a choice of control options as required by your application, these quiet and discreet recirculating chillers are available with a selection of pumps and can be configured ...


    • Compact with a small footprint but robust in design
    • Vented on all faces and located on casters to allow for flexible use, including being effortlessly situated either on or beneath benches
    • Combines excellent cooling performance with a 24VDC internal circuit so it is both incredibly energy efficient, and suitable for any power supply (90-240V, 50/60Hz)

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  • A range of chillers at the 1750W and 3200W cooling capacities, ideal for the laboratory. These compact chillers are available with a choice of standard options and pumps, and can be configured for a variety of input voltages. The K1 and K3 chiller units are designed for applications with higher cooling requirements. They...


    • Compact design with a small footprint
    • Can be easily moved on casters between applications or experiments, and most of the range can effortlessly be stored on or beneath a bench
    • Offering accurate temperature control to 0.1°C precision

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  • These higher cooling capacity chillers offer reliable cooling from 4.5kW to 14kW. The four sizes are available in a full range of configurations and can be tailored to your requirements. We also offer Passive Cooling. Click he...


    • Powerful laboratory chillers with precision cooling performance
    • Benefit from a compact design with a small foot print – they can be easily moved on casters between applications if required
    • With a surface mounted fan, this range of coolers can effortlessly be stored on or beneath a bench

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  • The W-series Industrial chillers are robust, dependable workhorses that provide a reliable supply of process coolant at constant temperature and pressure. We also offer Passive Cooling. Click here for more information.


    • Combining a high efficiency, corrosion resistant plate heat exchanger, compressor and a non-ferrous pump, the W-series is suitable for both glycol and deionized water
    • By using R 134a refrigerant, fridge pressure is minimized and therefore allows operation in ambient temperatures as high as 55 ºC
    • All chillers in the W-series range incorporate an antifreeze thermostat to protect the plate heat exchanger and integrated pres­sure switches to protect the fridge circuit against high and low pressure

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  • Traditional cooling systems can take up precious space in laboratories and data centers. Rack mounted chillers are cooling systems designed to fit into standard electrical housings, ideal for a reduced footprint. However, rack mounted chillers are not always mounted into electrical housing. They can be mounted into any e...


    • Designed to fit within standard electrical housings with a minimum depth of 23.62" (600 mm) – mounting a chiller within existing electrical racking reduces the loss of valuable floorspace, making no addition to the existing footprint of the system
    • The R-Series 19" rack mounted chillers range from 500W to 2kW in cooling capacity, delivered in a compact and reliable design
    • With powerful cooling outputs and coolant flow rates, the R-series is a versatile range, suited to a range of applications

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