Water Purification Systems

RephiLe Arctic Series  Water Purification Systems designs and manufactures innovative and high quality purification based products for biotechnology and life science laboratories.

Our products can provide you with the right water type based on your needs.  Select the water type you are looking for based on the following;

Type I Water Purification  Systems

  • Ultrapure with resistivity of >18 MΩcm
  • Required for analytical labs
  • Application include HPLC, GC, cell culturing, tissue culturing, mass spectrometry, trace elemental testing or other critical laboratory instrumentation

Type II Water Purification  Systems

  • Resistivity of >1 MΩcm
  • Cleaner than Type III but not considered ultrapure
  • Application include electrochemistry, sample dilution, radioimmunoassay, and media preparation

 Type III Water Purification  Systems

  • Resistivity of >4 MΩcm
  • Produced using Reverse Osmosis (RO) and removes 90-99% of contaminants
  • Applications include glassware rinsing, media preparation, autoclaves, water baths, feedwater use and other non-critical laboratory applications