Pass-Through Priorclaves

Pass-through autoclaves enable sealed laboratory environments to be maintained, with door interlocks preventing potential for laboratory standards to be compromised. Every double-ended autoclave provides a sterile path in and out of sealed laboratories.


  • Programmable Tactrol® 2 Control System with simple "one-touch" start
  • Customizable Freesteaming, Load Cooling, Media Warming, and Delayed Start
  • ASME-certified 316L stainless steel chamber and door
  • Quickseal Single-Action Interlocking Safety Doors—cannot be opened unsafely
  • Full width stainless steel anti-tip loading shelves
  • Biomaster™ Antimicrobial Surfaces
  • Vacuum Drying option available
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Heat Input
Working Dimensions
11.2kW/Internal OR 1.2kW/House (Three Phase)
496 x 740mm
208 kg
11.2kW/Internal OR 1.2kW/House (Three Phase)
630 x 1020 mm
240 kg
11.2kW/Internal OR 1.2kW/House (Three Phase)
630 x 1020 mm
300 kg
11.2kW/Internal OR 1.2kW/House (Three Phase)
630 x 1150 mm
590 kg


Our services include the following:

Ensuring equipment is calibrated as per ISO 9001 or ISO 17025 standards. Certificates and documentation provided.

Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your equipment functioning as new and identifying any issues that require repair.

Extended Warranty

Peace of mind to ensure you are covered in the event of equipment failure.


Qualification and validation services that will stand up to any audit – we guarantee it!