Vacuum Drying Ovens

Temperature sensitive, easy decomposable or oxidative materials can be gently dried in VACUCELL® vacuum drying ovens, due to the opportunity of air extrusion by inert gas. Complicated components with hard to access hollow spaces dry quickly and effectively in VACUCELL® ovens. Ideal for drying samples to constant weight.


  • Temperature range for ECO line: from 5°C above the ambient temperature up to 200°
  • Temperature range for EVO line: from 5°C above the ambient temperature up to 250/300°C
  • Door window
  • Integrated duct for sensors etc. (Ø 40 mm)
  • Inert gas connection
  • Needle valve for fine dosing
  • Pressure resistant inner chamber
  • Safety valve-door VENTIFLEX
  • Interior: stainless steel, mat. No. 1.4571 (AISI 316Ti)

Which Model is Right for Me?

Working Temperature
5°C over ambient to 200°C
560 x 490 x 760 mm
65 kg
5°C over ambient to 200°C
620 x 550 x 830 mm
98 kg
5°C over ambient to 200°C
760 x 640 x 880 mm
130 kg


Our services include the following:

Ensuring equipment is calibrated as per ISO 9001 or ISO 17025 standards. Certificates and documentation provided.

Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your equipment functioning as new and identifying any issues that require repair.

Extended Warranty

Peace of mind to ensure you are covered in the event of equipment failure.


Qualification and validation services that will stand up to any audit – we guarantee it!