Yumizen H550

A compact 6-Diff hematology analyzer with auto sampling system providing full walk away capability to a variety of clinical facilities such as hospitals, satellite labs, emergency care, and doctors’ offices. Able to deliver a 1 hour autonomy of 40 samples in racks. Benefits include: continuous loading, automatic sample mixing, positive identification of samples and a manual mode for STAT samples for both open and closed tubes.


  • Walk away of 40 tubes, continuous loading, STAT mode
  • Foot print system
  • User friendly interface
  • Easy handling
  • Full 6 diff diagnosis
  • Secured workflow
  • Cost effective hematology solution
  • Rapid testing
  • Only 2 reagents use for diff analysis
  • Whole blood 20 µL sampling
  • 27 parameters, CBC/DIF Analysis
  • Flags & alarms expert system
  • Proven technologies of impedance and optical detection

Which Model is Right for Me?

Type of Analyzer
Yumizen H550
43 Samples / Hour
Hematology Analyzer
620 x 530 x 670 mm
36 kg


Our services include the following:

Ensuring equipment is calibrated as per ISO 9001 or ISO 17025 standards. Certificates and documentation provided.

Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your equipment functioning as new and identifying any issues that require repair.

Extended Warranty

Peace of mind to ensure you are covered in the event of equipment failure.


Qualification and validation services that will stand up to any audit – we guarantee it!