ABX Pentra 60 C+

Dedicated station for management of workflow. Features: closed tube, 26 parameters, CBC/5 Part DIFF, data management on stand-alone PC. Micro-sampling from whole blood (CBC : 30 µL - DIFF: 53 µL), cytochemistry, impedance (real cell volume measurement) & optical (analysis of internal cellular structure by measuring light absorbance) & perfect blood sample homogenization with reagents.


  • Throughput: Up to 60 samples/hour
  • Reagents: Only 4 onboard reagents and 1 diluent
  • Perfect differentiation of the 5 WBC sub-populations with DHSS* Technology
  • 3 histograms for RBC, BAS/WBC and PLT together with the 5 DIFF Matrix
  • Basophils counted through specific channel

Which Model is Right for Me?

Type of Analyzer
ABX Pentra 60 C+
60 Samples / Hour
515 x 445 x 483 mm
35 kg


Our services include the following:

Ensuring equipment is calibrated as per ISO 9001 or ISO 17025 standards. Certificates and documentation provided.

Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your equipment functioning as new and identifying any issues that require repair.

Extended Warranty

Peace of mind to ensure you are covered in the event of equipment failure.


Qualification and validation services that will stand up to any audit – we guarantee it!