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Our Industries

Many of the products we offer have application in multiple industries. Specialized equipment is categorized by industry for ease of navigation.

Environmental Chambers

Incubators, environmental, and photostability chambers used in a wide variety of applications including the pharmaceutical, biotech, food & beverage, agricultural, industrial and R&D industries.

Gas Analyzers

Designed to monitor CO2/O2 for multiple applications such as horticulture, food processing, R&D, medical, and brewing industries.


Power to Innovate freezers are proudly engineered in Canada and are designed to provide long-term storage for life and biosciences, clinical, industrial and agricultural material, in addition to vaccines.


High-tech systems for heating and drying of materials with an accurate and reliable run of individual processes, suitable for use in research, development, production, business activities, or for quality control.

Priorclave Autoclaves

For wet and dry loads, media and waste, quality assurance, and destruction testing in a wide variety of industries such as academics, cannabis, life sciences and pharmaceuticals, mycology and food and beverage.

pH Meters – IVF

Accurate, real-time analysis of media pH, humidity and temperature from inside any large format or benchtop incubator using an ISFET pH probe. Ideal for use in the IVF industry.

Water Systems

High quality purification based products for biotechnology and life science laboratories. Full range of lab water systems for small to medium size applications.


Reagents, Controls and Calibrators, Filters, Cleaning Agents, and other miscellaneous items.

Recirculating Chillers

From off the shelf products to fully bespoke systems, we offer the best cooling solutions to your temperature regulation issues.