Raeyco Lab Equipment Systems Management Ltd

Biomedical Equipment Calibrations

Raeyco can perform calibrations on your Biomedical equipment such as:

  • Safety Analyzers
  • Defib Analyzers
  • Patient Simulators / ECG Simulators / BP Simulators
  • Electrosurgical Analyzers / ESU Analyzers
  • Digital Pressure Meters
  • SpO2 Simulators (most)
  • OxSim
  • Temperature Substitution Units
  • NIBP Analyzer
  • SimCube
  • Pacemaker Analyzers
  • Medtesters
  • Infusion Device Analyzers
  • Ultrasound Wattmeters (most)
  • ISO/LIM Testers
  • mAs Meters
  • Ventilator Testers
  • Oxygen Analyzer
  • Pulse Ox Tester

If you would like to send us your Biomedical Equipment for Calibration, please complete the Equipment Service Request Form at the bottom of our website and carefully follow the instructions on the form or contact us to obtain pricing.