Raeyco Lab Equipment Systems Management Ltd

Laboratory Equipment

The team at Raeyco Lab Equipment Systems Management Ltd. not only sells products to our customers but we can also service and repair a variety of different lab equipment.  Trust the professionals at Raeyco to get your system up and running in no time so you can concentrate on your business!

Whether you require a service on your analytical, biotech, clinical or general lab equipment, we offer a wide variety of parts and repairs on products for any application. Get service on the following:

Autoclave / Sterilizers
Biological Safety Cabinets
Blood Gas Analyzers
CO2 Incubators
Chromatograph-data Systems
Cell Counters
Centrifuges / Spinners
Chemistry Analyzers (clinical)
Coagulation Analyzers

Flow Cytometers
FPLC Systems
Gas Chromatography (GC) Systems
Hematology Analyzers
Histo Embedding Centers
Histo Cover Slippers
Histo Cryostats
Histo Microtomes
Histo Slide Labellers
Histo Tissue Processors
Hoods – Fume and Laminar
HPLC Systems
Immunoassay Systems

Contact us any time to repair your equipment.