Raeyco Lab Equipment Systems Management Ltd

Electrical Calibrations

ISO 17025 Certification

Raeyco is also expert when it comes to performing electrical calibrations. That is because all our testing uses NIST standards. We can provide you with calibration certificates that come with or without data depending on your requirements and your budget needs.

Some of the calibrations we offer include these common ones:

  • Frequency and Time Domain
  • Electronic / RF / Optical
  • Digital Waveform
  • Optical Video
  • RF Microwave
  • Phase
  • Power
  • Noise
  • Laser
  • ESD

All calibrations are performed in an accredited facility

ISO Image 1

If you would like to send us your equipment for Calibration, please complete the Equipment Service Request Form at the bottom of our website and carefully follow the instructions on the form or contact us to obtain pricing.